iMarketing Center for Android

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What is iMarketing Center Application for Mobile and Tablet?

iMarketing Center is the first email and sms marketing integration into one app on Android marketing. There are many and many email & sms marketing tool for desktop but ONLY ONE for mobile and tablet.

With iMarketing Center you can:
– Powerful email and sms composer with tags support.
– Send e-mail convenient with many beautiful templates.
– Ability to send emails simultaneously by powerful email sender.
– Ability to send sms campaign up to 3600 messages per hour.
– Ability to schedule sending at the specific time.
– Ability to add up to four user defined fields.
– Private and powerful email tracking system.
– Support email tags, sms tags and user defined tags.
– Support auto subscribe/unsubscribe base on incoming messages.
– Support enable/disable contact profile.
– Support spintax.
– Automatic sms reply and sms follow-up.
– Support import/export from many resources (yahoo, gmail…).
Webform subscription, webform email/sms confirmation.

and so on at iMarketing Center

Why iMarketing Center Application is needed?

iMarketing Center help you:
– Building your customer relationships.
– Boost your Email and SMS Marketing campaigns.
– Gather customer feedback.
– Create dynamic visual content.
– Target specific customers.
… and many more.

How to get and install iMarketing Center?

Now, we have just finished Android version (support from 2.1.1 and up). Download link here:

How to use iMarketing Center?

Refer main website for iMarketing Center for more details.

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