Which Android emulator is the best for you?

Have you ever try all android emulators?

For me, I have tried some, such as Android Emulator, Genymotion, online emulators (a lot from Samsung) and so on.

The most popular emulator I think that all android developers have already tried is the Android Emulator created by Google which was called ADV emulator.

ADV emulator is a good android emulator so far, but have a bad performance. It is very slow if you use ARM CPU, must faster if you use Intel Atom (x86). These pictures below help you create an Intel Atom (x86) emulator:

Open Android SDK Manager and make sure that Intel x86 emulator Accelerator was installed (uninstall by default)
Create a new AVD and select Intel Atom (x86) as the CPU of the emulator

I have thought that AVD with Intel Atom CPU is the fastest android emulator before, but the day I tried Genymotion  I found that Genymotion is must better than that emulator. Genymotion has a lot of cool features include better performance than the others.

You can install Google Services like Google Play, Google Maps … on Genymotion emulator by just one drap-and-drop.

Below is the demo for anyone who are not familar with Geneymotion:

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your experience in any other emulators that you feel better than above ones.

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