How to use text marketing effectively

Have you ever heard automation marketing?

Nowadays, one way sms marketing is old. We’re using automation sms marketing with auto subscription, auto reply, auto followup and auto unsubscription.

I will talk about all of them in this article and give you the app for training how to use those features effectively!

Please install iMarketing Center app or Mobile SMS Marketing first to be able follow up our example.

What is auto subscription via text?

If you’ve ever heard email subscription, text subscription is exactly the same. The idea is when a customer text the message with your predefined keyword -> Opt-in them to your contact list.

Below is an example (with iMarketing Center app or Mobile SMS Marketing app):
1.  Please create a subscription rule like the pic below: the keyword is sub1 (or signup1 or sign me up 1…) it’s up to you. If you want to extract email, name just check to turn on them (default is off) app will extract name, email and of course phone for you.

2. Ask your customers text ‘SUB1’ or ‘SUB1 your_name your_email’ to your phone number, app will subscribe customer to a contact list and extract name or email automatically.

You may ask how customer know to text ‘SUB1 …’ to your phone? It’s very easy, you can create a facebook ads, or twitter tweet says that: Text ‘SUB1 [your name] [your email]’  to +123456789 (your phone) to receive promotion e.g.

So, that way you can build an opted-in list with a good phone number and good lead, right?

What is auto reply?

Now, when you finish above step, you’ll have a good list. But it’s not enough when customer text ‘SUB1…’ to you but you don’t do anything to reply back, right?

This step will instruct how to create an auto reply message base on incoming keyword.

1. All you need is create an auto reply for your incoming keywords (in the above example, it should be sub1 or sign up 1 or anything that you want.).
2. Input the auto reply message e.g.: Thanks for opted-in. We’re on BIG PROMOTION. Text MORE for more details. REMOVE to stop.

Now what will you do with customer who text MORE or REMOVE?

For anyone text MORE, just create a new auto reply will MORE keyword and the auto reply message for MORE keyword.

A very useful feature here is you can config ‘Move contact to another list’ when customer text the keyword. So you can keep track of them easily when they were moved to another list!!!

What happen if customer text REMOVE. Let’s go to auto unsubscription section…

What is auto unsubscription?

Yes it’s unsubscribe customer from your contact list, and customer will never receive any message from you anymore!

Good feature here is that you can create unsubscribed message that will be sent to anyone who sent unsubscribe message, e.g. Really sorry, you was removed!…

That’s all the basic of automation sms marketing. If you are an marketing expert, you should read auto followup section below, otherwise that is too enough to start using the app 🙂

Auto followup

Auto followup is a way to remind customer your service or to stay in touch with your customers.

You can create multiple auto followups for each contact list and also can set trigger day, hour or even minute after customer subscribe to your contact list. Auto followup sends notification text to your customer until they unsubscribe 🙂

That’s all the basic features of our automation apps. You can refer our app page for more details how to use the app:

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