SMS Marketing is expanding in ubiquity, here is the reason

It is perfectly understandable that many businesses think that SMS marketing, sending text messages to clients and potential customers is on the way out but this isn’t the case. Yes, with smartphone technology allowing messaging services and apps to be at the heart of modern communication, SMS marketing is looking more and more like a traditional form of marketing, but it still has a key role to play for many businesses. If you are looking for reasons why SMS marketing is actually increasing in popularity, not declining, Media Agents has you covered.

The mobile phone is a great way to contact people

The basic reason you want to consider SMS marketing is that it allows you to reach your audience. Ofcom recently stated that 93% of the adult population in the UK owned or had access to a mobile phone. With respect to smartphones, the figure was at 73%. The percentage of smartphone users is still high and is likely to rise but when it comes to reaching most people, SMS marketing is very effective.

People are using their mobile phones

While the percentage of people with access to a mobile phone is very high, you’ll find that people are actually still using them to communicate with texts. Another report from Ofcom suggested that the average handset sends over 100 text messages a month, which equates to more than three text message a day. This may be falling slightly on recent years but this is an indicator that text messaging is still an integral part of people’s lives and that people are using their phone in this manner.

This should give you confidence that your SMS marketing messages will be received and read by your audience.

The open rate is the key figure for SMS marketing

There are a number of ways that you can reach your audience but you will find that SMS marketing is the best platform for ensuring people open and read the message. While every firm is different, for email marketing, an open rate of around 22% is considered to be a good return for small and medium sized firms. However, for SMS messages, the open rate is around 98%, which is hugely effective. If you are looking to ensure that people are actually seeing the message you send, a text message is the best way to achieve this.

Not only that but people are more likely to read your message as and when you send it. Okay, not everyone has permanent access to their phone, particularly during office hours but for SMS marketing, various reports suggest that 95% of these messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received. When you are looking to make an immediate impact, the effectiveness of this method cannot be argued with.

Other quick points to remember with respect to SMS marketing:

It provides you with the chance to reach your audience where they always are, because they always have their phone near them

SMS marketing allows you to create a personal connection with your audience, developing a relationship

SMS marketing is very affordable

Most companies will have an interest when they hear that SMS marketing is a low cost way to communicate with their customers. The fact that all of these benefits can be obtained for just a few pence means that there is a great deal to consider when you want to reach out to your audience without breaking the bank.

There is no denying that messaging your customers and audience by a text message is still a highly effective way to reach people. This is why SMS marketing is actually rising in popularity because it offers a smart and effective strategy that provides a good ROI.

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